School: Drumlish (B.) (roll number 10022)

Droim Lis, Co. an Longfoirt
Ml. McGovern
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0757, Page 258

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0757, Page 258

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  1. Once up on a time when the Jews was following our lord. He past by a field where a man was sowing oats. And Our Lord told the man not to tell the Jews that he had past. The next day the Jews past and they asked the man had he seen Our Lord passing and the man said no! A clock and a dorrow deel were listening. the black clock said Inde; inde and the "dorrow deel" said yesterday; yesterday.
    And a man and a woman and a child that were passing spoke to a man who was working in this field and he gave them some food, and the next day his corn was ripe and fit to cut. So it must have been our Lord who passed this way. People ever since kill a clock or "Dorrow Deel" when ever they meet them because they betrayed Our Lord. When our Lord was dying on the Cross there was a Robin near by on a tree and it is said that she
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    Michael Roger
    Cluain Mhic Airt, Co. an Longfoirt
    John Morgan