School: Drumlish (B.) (roll number 10022)

Droim Lis, Co. an Longfoirt
Ml. McGovern
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0757, Page 255

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0757, Page 255

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  1. Tailoring is very nice trade and very clean. There is one tailor in this district named Eugene Lennon. He gets a lot work to do in the Spring and Summer making suits of clothes for the men and coats and costumes for the girls. He has four tailors at present. He lives outside the town of Drumlish in a two story house. A tailor has not as many tools as any other tradesman. He has a scissors for cutting the material and sometimes he sows with his hand but oftener on a maching.
    There are not as many shirts made now at home as there were long ago. Long ago the people used to make linen, cotton, wool and flannonette. They were also very fond of making sheets. In the long nights they spent all their time in knitting socks and stockings and they used to have home spun wool, they do very little of this work now. They had spinning wheels for spinning the wool and they used to go from house to house spinning wool.
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      1. éadaí agus suaitheantais (~2,403)
    Patrick Devine
    Droim Lis, Co. an Longfoirt