Scoil: Castletowngeoghegan (B.) (uimhir rolla 2092)

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The Local Forge

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The Local Forge
In this area there are two forges, one in Castletown and one in Adamstown. The mens names that own the forgess are Gerald Keenan and Michael Connell. Gerald Keenan's forge is situated in the village of Castletown and Michael Connell's forge is on the side of the Adamstown road. The forges have felt roofs. There is two fire places in Gerald Keenan's forge but there is only one of them in use.
The fire-place is a raised platform made of stone and brick. Beside the fire-place there is a bellows and out of the bellows there is a pipe and it is attached to the fire-place. Out of the bellows, there is a handle and when the smith wants to blow the fire, he pulls the handle up and down. The implements that the smith uses are sledges, small hammers, pinchers, rasps, files and nails. The smith shoes asses and horses and he repairs farm implements to such as ploughs, harrows, seed-sowers, mowing machines, and he also shoes wheels. The water that the smith cools the iron in is noted for curing warts.

W. Jackson
Author: Jim Carey

W. Jackson
Jim Carey