School: Rochfortbridge (Convent of Mercy) (roll number 14603)

Droichead Chaisleán Loiste, Co. na hIarmhí
Sr. M. Aquin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0730, Page 514

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0730, Page 514

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  1. Castleost is situated between Rochfortbridge and Dalystown. The chapel was first built in a place called Derry about a quarter mile from the present site, but every night it was magically carried and placed in its present site. The foundations of where it was first built are still to be seen. Between the Castle and the adjoining land there is an underground bell which was supposed to ring at certain times of the year. A Woman, by name Mrs. Kennedy, was driving home her cow one day. The bow being a rogue was spancled. The woman heard the bell ringing. She went to the place and cast the spancel beside it. When she returned next evening the place surrounding the bell was covered with spancels. Some of the remains of the chapel are in Meedin including the front door which is of Gothic design and also the windows above the door, and the holy water font.
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    1. am
      1. tréimhsí staire sonracha (~25)
        1. aimsir na bpéindlíthe (~4,335)
    Josie Alford
    Newcastle, Co. na hIarmhí