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Local Cures - The Cure for Wild-Fire

Tagairt Chartlainne

Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0714, Leathanach 216

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This cure has been held by a family named Traynor or Treanor for generations, and is now held by Mrs. Michael Markey, Parsonstown, Lobinstown, Slane.
When the patient is brought to her she puts a sod of black turf in the fire to burn. When one side of the sod is burning red, she takes it in a tongs, and holds the sod close to spot where the "wild-fire" shows on the skin. She moves the sod backwards and forwards as if making the Sign of the Cross until the patient feels the heat very much. At times she blows with her mouth on the sod to make it glow. When the patient can bear the heat no longer she stops and then rubs a very small portion of cream all over the sore. The patient has to visit her three times with an interval of a day between each visit, and the same operation is performed each time. Locally, it is considered a perfect cure, and some people hold that doctors are unable to cure the disease.

P.S. A pupil of the school was recently cured of this disease by the woman after the child wad spent some time in hospital & had come home uncured.

Thomas Carty