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Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0713, Leathanach 136

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The Potato Crop

As every one knows the potato is one of Eires staple foods and so is grown very extensively.
The preparation of the ground for this crop does not require much skill as almost anyone can prepare it. We may say there are two potato crops those grown on a farm and those grown in a garden.
On the farm the ground must be first ploughed up and then marked into ridges by rising the sod about six inches and each ridge threefoot six inches wide, the length of the ridge depends on the size of the field as the ridge usually runs the length. On this there is a layer of manure spread and the potatoes dropped on this . The preparation of the seed consists of sorting out all the good from the gad and that are too large are cut in halves but care must be taken that each part has two or at least one bud or "eye" as it is from those the new potatoes spring. The seed is dipped in lime to heal up the cut and dropped on the manure about five inches apart they can

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Robert Tallon
Baile Shláine, Co. na Mí