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Buying and Selling

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Buying and Selling

Before the introduction of money in Ireland exchange was carried on by a system of bartery. The people of the country supplied articles of food and raw material to the more advanced people in the town and villages. these in return gave articles such as knives axes and ornaments made by their craftsmen.
A mans wealth was estimated by the number of cattle and horses he had. The more cattle and horses a man had the more he could trade. It was quite common for the nobility to exchange cattle for slaves. These slaves might get their freedom for working faithfully for a number of years. In fairs where buying and selling is carried on the people bought animals and other goods. When a person sold a beast they always gave some money back to the buyer. This money was called luck penny otherwise they would think bad luck would come on the cattle. They would hit each other on the hands when they were making a bargain with somebody.

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Michael Maloney
Baile Shláine, Co. na Mí