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Food in Olden Times

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Food in olden times

The food which people ate in olden times was not like the food which is eaten nowadays. The people ate oaten bread. They made the bread with water and oaten meal and a grain of salt. They wet the oaten meal with the water and then mixed it until it was in a paste and then they added the salt.
When that was done they put the cake on the griddle which was placed over the fire. They hunted the deers with dogs and when they killed one the people had plenty of meat. They ate potatoes
and salt. They drank new milk and butter milk. Some people had vegatables and they ate them on a Sunday. They caught fish and shot birds.
The people ate three times a day. In Winter they ate more than in the Summer. Sometimes the people would get up very early and go out into the fields and work and then come home to their breakfast. When the people would be getting the dinner ready they would put the table in the middle of the floor. This was a custom which is always carried on. When the dinner would be finished they would put the table back in its

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