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An Bóthar Mín, Co. na Mí
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out the wheels and pushed it in length ways. They built it up again in the shed and yoked the horse in it. When the man came home and saw the horse and draw in the shed, he went round telling the neighbours the mysterious thing that happened.
Another story is told about a calf.
There lived a farmer and his wife and they had a servant boy. Now this boy used to complain that he did not get enough to eat and that he would go somewhere else where he would get his fill.
The farmer hearing this was worried for he did not like to loose the boy. So he said to him, "Wait, we are going to kill a calf and then you shall have plenty."
New hope came to the boy, so in about a week later the farmers wife said he would have meat for his dinner. When dinner time came however she took up the meat, potatoes and turnips, and put out his share on a plate.
She put a lot of turnips on, but very

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Kathleen Gibney
An Bóthar Mín, Co. na Mí
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An Bóthar Mín, Co. na Mí