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Ancient Roads, Fords and Rivers

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Ancient Roads, Fords & Ruins.

One of the great roads radiating from Tara in the days its greatness is supposed to have passed though a ford in the river near Athboy, Thleacthta. Evidence of the former existence of this road is found in a fieldto the south of the town called Danescourt. Just after the stile at the middle gate, near the S. E. Corner of the church-yard, one notices a brick slightly wider than the distance from fence to fence of an ordinary main road. It goes in a S. SW direction for a while and then turns more towards the west. It appears again in Mr. John Lynch's field at the western end of the town and on the left side of the road. The road interrupts but we can trace it again on the right side of the road in a field of Mrs. Murtagh.
Similar traces appear in the Deer Park, a field surrounding the ancient and historic castle of Rathmore. This is in an E. N. E. direction from Athboy. One of the boys saw such remains. in Mr Hughes field, Kilmessan.
On the left bend of the river about 300 yards S. E. of the road at Danescourt is to be seen the remnents of either an old road, or river which shifted its course.