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Walterstown, Co. na Mí
Proinseas, Bean Uí Cheallaigh

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Where Michael Byrd of the Trim Road (locally Slanduff Road) is now living there used to be a forge.

Where Michael Byrd of the Trim Road (locally Slanduff Road) is now living, there used to be a forge. This forge was owned by Peter Fox. There was a shop there at one time too and it was owned by Michael Byrd's uncle. (10 December 1937).

There used to be a man who lived down the way of Brownstown. He used to go every night to play cards in Walterstown. He always brought a pack of cards with him, and it is said that no one should carry a pack of cards late at night. One night when this man was going home up by the churchyard, he met a man playing cards on a little table. The man with the table asked him to play and so he did. He could not beat him. When daylight came, one of the cards fell. The man who lived in Brownstown stooped down to pick it up and he saw that the man of the the table had cloven feet and that he was the devil.
Writter by:-
Florence Kavanagh,
Garlow Cross,
GIven by:-
Michael Byrd (Road-worker)
Garlow Cross,
(11 January 1938)

Florence Kavanagh
Walterstown, Co. na Mí
Michael Byrd
Gairm bheatha
road worker
Walterstown, Co. na Mí

One night Johnny Mulligan ( a carpenter who lived on the Slanduff Road in Walterstown Parish ) went out to pick mushrooms around the fields at Slanduff. While he was picking a band of fairies appeared. They got so mad with him for picking the mushrooms that they surrounded him and roared at him to leave the mushrooms alone. Johnny got so frightened that

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