Scoil: Collon (Erasmus Smith) (uimhir rolla 16325)

Collann, Co. Lú
E. Ní Earchadha

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Collon Forges

Tagairt Chartlainne

Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0677, Leathanach 103

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Collon Forges
There are four forges in Collon, two of which are being used and two of which are not.
One of the forges which is used and one which is not are situated near a river. Another beside a cross-road and another a little bit away from a cross-roads.
Of the two forges which are used one is a new one and the other is an old one. There is a door shaped like a horseshoe on one of them while the others have ordinary ones.
The implements used are two sledge-hammers, tongs, anvil, shovel, chisel, punch, vice, knife for paring hooves, picker, fuller for making grooves in shoes for the nails, a rasp, drill and a cutter for cutting the iron.
They make harrows, gates, shoes, and shoe (horses) cart wheels, and make pig rings. Long ago they also made ploughs. They shoe horses, mules and asses. If a blacksmith was working late long ago the people would gather into the forge and tell stories.

Mr Emerson
Collann, Co. Lú