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Cill Sáráin, Co. Lú
P. Ó Corragáin

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A Collection of Riddles

Tagairt Chartlainne

Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0671, Leathanach 021

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A Collection of Riddles - (continued)
1. Black I am and much I am admired men work at me till are tired I tire horses and comfort man my riddle is hard to understand. - "Coal"
2. As I went out my grandfather's gap I saw white turning white out of white. - I saw a white dog turning a white goat out of a white head of cabbage,
3. Twenty sick sheep went out a gap one died who many was left. - "Nineteen"
4. Spell a broken down ditch in three letters. - a (g) "Gap"
5. In the drawer there is a cup and in the cup there is a sup and every one shall taste it. - "Death"
6. What turns without moving. - "Milk turns sour.
7. Four stick standers four diddle danders two lookers two crookers a licker and a switcher.- a "bow"
8. As round as an apple as deep as a pail and it never cries out til l it is pulled by the tail. - A "Bell"
9. As I went over London bridge I met a London schoolar and drew of

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Christy Reilly