Scoil: Drumdigus (C.), Kilmurry McMahon (uimhir rolla 13479)

Drom Díogais, Co. an Chláir
Máire, Bean Uí Ghormáin

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Taifeach: Íseal | Ard
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In days long gone by there lived near the Six Cross Roads at Derrynalicka a farmer named Paddy Clohessy. He was prosperous and had two sons and many daughters. The sons were named Paddy and Seán, Paddy was quiet and attentive to business and always kept regular hours, Seán loved adventure and these adventures often led him far from home. He was a well pleased to be out at midnight or the small hours of the morning as in the broad noonday. No sport was a success unless he was in the middle of it and any social function was a dull and tame affair unless Seán was there to create a bit of "divarshun".
Between a road leading from the Six Crosses and a bye-road which branches off it, lies the townland of Drumdigus. Almost at the point of these two roads stands a conical hill the "Greenaun" and locally called "the castle". It is a Danish fort. This dún is of large proportions and different to the mounds of the same origin which lie to the East and the West of it, and which formed a chain of communication for the Danes when they sought to conquer the country.
"The castle" was held in superstition by the neighbours and few cared to pass that way after nightfall. Not so Seán Clohessy he did not believe in the views held by his neighbours that Danes had left a spell of

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