Scoil: Emly (B.) (uimhir rolla 16059)

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The English Translation of the Latin Inscription on the Hurley Tomb at Emly

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The most illustrious Maurice Hurley Esq. erected this monument to his own memory and that of his dearly beloved wives Grania Hogan and Grace Thornton, and for all his posterity. A.D. 1632.

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Here lies the pillar of hospitality and the home of affection. Renowned for his talents, remarkable for his eloquence,
The glory of his country, suppressor of all strife, a lover of peace,
The rule of justice, the model of piety.
Hurley was an enemy to enemies, a friend to friends
Maurice adjusted things according to the times.
The touch of faith, the support of the afflicted, a jewel among men
The glory of his ancient stock.
In him was truth and probity, blessed with a faultless
body, in himself he united a thousand gifts of nature
Those had'st lived happy in this world, mayst-thou live
happy for ever happy in fortune and in a noble progeny
Live now with God, with whom to live is life, thus with God's
grace wilt-thou have life eternal.