Scoil: Emly (B.) (uimhir rolla 16059)

Imleach, Co. Thiobraid Árann
Tomás Ó Lachtnáin

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Taifeach: Íseal | Ard
The Fairy Horsemman From Clancy's Moat

Tagairt Chartlainne

Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0580, Leathanach 052

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Ar an leathanach seo

There was a man named William O'Meara of Bartooses who used to go to his neighbour's house every night. Near this house there is a high moat, and it is often at night horses are heard galloping from the moat. One night as he was going home from that house he heard a lot of galloping.
He went to open the gate and leave the horses out. He stayed outside the gate to see them going out and he heard them galloping up to the gate and they used not come out on the road.
The next night he went to the same house and told them all about it. Then the man of the house said that he must go to see would he hear what the other man had heard.
The two of the men went and as they were approaching the place they heard the horses galloping. Then they said what would they do. They went into the field to see the horses and saw none.
Then they turned back to go home. They went for the gate and kept walking to get to it but they could not get there. They stayed walking all the night until morning and when the daybreak came they found themselves five miles from home.
Often times at night horses are heard galloping from the moat to a farmer's house nearby and every night they came there used to be harm done in

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Michael O Meara
Beartús, Co. Thiobraid Árann
John Clancy
Beartús, Co. Thiobraid Árann