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An Ghráinseach, Co. Thiobraid Árann
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Wake and Funeral Customs

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Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0571, Leathanach 110

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Wake and Funeral Customs.
When a person died in a house the clock was immediately stopped. There was to be no crying or lamenting until the person was dead three quarters of an hour. The water used to wash dead person was thrown on a boundary fence. Once a person left a wake-house it was not right for him to go back there again. If he did he might "see something".
When coffin was brought the lid was left outside the door until the person was coffined. Then the coffin was brought out preceded by two candles and laid on two chairs outside the door. There was generally an old route for all funerals from a district to a graveyard. This was often the longest way. According to my observation funerals did not did not go the long way because it was the long way. They followed the traditional route from such and such a townland to the graveyard.
It was not "right" to wear a new garment for the first time at a funeral.
If one met a funeral one should walk three steps with it.
If one died in a townland all in the townland suspended work until after the funeral.

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Séamus Ó Maolchathaigh
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