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An Teampall Nua, Co. Thiobraid Árann
Thomas F. Keegan

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Marriage Customs

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Marriages take place most frequently in this distract during Shrove that is from New Year's day to the day preceding Ash Wednesday, which is called "Shrove Tuesday". May is considered an unlucky month and Thursday the unlucky day for marriage. Matches are still made in my district and a dowry is always given to a farmer's daughter and this is handed on to the husbands sister or brother. My mother has a cousin who got £500 fortuned from her father when she married a neighbouring farmer. Her husband passed it on to his sister and twelve times the £500 changed hands as marriage fortune each time without ever being touched. On Shrove Tuesday pan-cakes are eaten and it is usually called pan-cake-night. Both my great grandmothers were married in their homes but that custom has long since died out. In the olden times all the friends and neighbours were sent a formal invitation to a wedding and my grand mother has still a written invitation which was sent to her parents eighty-seven years ago by a neighbour who lived only a quarter of a mile away. A marriage was a very gay affair in a farm-house. From fifty to a hundred guests were invited. All came

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