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An Inse, Co. Thiobraid Árann
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The Monastery of Kyleanna

Tagairt Chartlainne

Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0550, Leathanach 325

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Beside the murmuring stream which runs beside St. Anne's holy well there is a little churchyard where long ago stood the monastery of Kyleanna. The monks came they say, from Holycross. They tilled the land and grew golden wheat and came back each evening from their fields to sing vespers in their little church dedicated to St. Anne.
But the hordes of the foreign soldiers came bringing with them a train of untold desolation and the little Church and the monastery were wrecked about the same time as the mother house. But the holy well remained and the people gathered there to celebrate the pattern which was held annually on the 15th August.
In the little churchyard two stones twelve feet apart mark the grave of a local giant Bol Rua. He is creditated with having performed many wonderful feats. He could jump over a carriage and pair and could throw up a cock of hay on a rick in two forkfuls. He was a wonderful hurler and when goalkeeping could save points as easily as goals. Here too lie old Bill the Rhymer. He always answered everyone in Rhymes. Once he brought the tongs to be forge to be mended. The Smith asked him to make a Rhyme. Bill answered

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Mary Butler
Gort Eanaigh, Co. Thiobraid Árann