School: Cnoc an Éin Fhinn (Birdhill) (roll number 13991)

An Cúilín, Co. Thiobraid Árann
Micheál Ó Meachair
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0539, Page 082

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0539, Page 082

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  1. About a half mile south of my house there is a fairy fort. It is in Mr Coffey's filed which is in the townslands of Birdhill. It is surrounded by trees and circular in shape. About one hundred years ago a man named Mr John Gleeson of Gregough was passing this fort at the hour of midnight. He saw a man with red clothes and a light in his hand and he could not walk another step. He was was standing there for a quarter of an hour and was unable to move. The man then dissappeared and Mr John Gleeson was able to walk again. He was only gone give minutes when he heard great laughter and shouting and dancing. He did not look behind him but got home quickly and he never passed this fort again at midnight.
    About two miles west of my house in the townsland of Ballinahinch there is another fairy fort. It is surrounded by rocks. About eight months ago there was two men working in the quarry where this fort is. One evening there were three children coming home from School and they saw a hand of a little man coming out of this fort, with a small sword in his hand. The boys showed the little man to the men who were working in the quarry. The little man came over near to the boys unitl he was right opposite them. Then he pointed the sword at them, and this warned the men that they were not to blast anymore stones in this quarry.
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