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An Cheapach Mhór, Co. Luimnigh
James McCarthy

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Hallow Eve or November Eve (31st October) - Games, Customs

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Hallow Eve Games
On Hallow Eve night we all have great sport playing all classes of games.
The first game is snap-apple. A cord is tied to the apple, and hung up high and then we are all trying to get a bite of it while it is swinging to and fro.
Then three saucers are got. One full of milk, one full of water, and another with a ring in it. Then one of us is blindfolded, and if one of us touches the saucer with the water in it they say we would be crossing the water, and if we touched the one with the ring we'd be getting married, and the one that touches the milk is going to die.
All the old people sit around the fire on that night telling stories.

James Sweeney,
Co. Limerick

James Sweeney
An Drom Salach, Co. Luimnigh