School: Baile an Londraigh (B.) (roll number 14305)

Baile an Londraigh, Co. Luimnigh
Seán Ó Buachalla
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0512, Page 085

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0512, Page 085

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  1. I heard the following from the late Ms. Tom Tobin of Clohast, Glenbrohane. Knocklong about fifteen years ago. Her maiden nname was Anstatia Frazer of Kilgarriff, Glenbrohane.
    She had heard of Biddy Airley's wonderful cures. She had a fine son about twenty years of age who was acting strange in his ways, keeping the bed and not inclined to do anything about the farm. She resolved on consulting Biddy.
    One fine summer's morning about daybreak Tom and his wife set out for Biddy's place in the County Clare. They travelled by horse and common cart and reached Biddy's some time about noon.
    Biddy welcomed them and asked how several of their neighbours were getting on. She spoke about so and so who died recently and so on, so that she surprised her visitors.
    They told her about their son, Tom, and asked for a cure. Biddy gave them a bottle of liquid. They were to give a wine glass full to the boy next morning before sunrise, taking care that none of it will be spilled on the ground; "if it will be spilled there will be no
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    1. gníomhairí (~1)
      1. neacha neamhshaolta agus osnádúrtha (~14,864)
        1. Bidí Ní Mhochóirí (~186)
    Mrs Tom Tobin
    Cloch an Chasta, Co. Luimnigh