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Festival Customs - St Brighid's Day

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St Brighid's day falls on 1st February it is also called Candlemas Eve and that day is kept in memory of one of Ireland's great saints, St Brighid.

Long ago the children used to dress up a doll, to represent St Brighid and on that day they went around from door to door with the doll in their arms collecting money.
Years ago when people died they had to pay a guinea to the priest to be buried, so when any poor person died, their people were not able to afford to pay a guinea to the priest to bury them, so they were buried without a priest, but in order to make it holy, they made a special cross of Tráithníns, known as St Brighid's cross, and laid it on the coffin.

Last year a woman died in Askeaton, and before she died she asked to be buried in Askeaton Abbey, now it was the law that nobody should be buried within the abbey, because it was full up with

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Áth Dara, Co. Luimnigh