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Greanach, Co. Luimnigh
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Festival Customs

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Ar an leathanach seo

The last Sunday of Shrove used be called CHALK SUNDAY. On this Sunday people who ought to have married during Shrove but who did not, were marked on the back with chalk. This was usually done going to or coming from Mass on Sunday. The custom is no longer practised in this part of the country. It used to cause a good deal of fun, but many people resented it. I suppose they felt they were being chalked too often.

Eggs were the Principal Feast on Easter Sunday morning. Some men used to eat as many as a dozen eggs for break-fast. Sometimes a goose egg was in this number.
While eggs are still eaten nobody eats so many now at one meal. They are no longer the rarity they used to be when times were bad, and people could not afford to eat eggs every day as they do now.
A quarter of Veal was considered

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