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Cnoc na Sionnach, Co. Luimnigh
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Ar an leathanach seo

One night a man whose name was Jerry O'Connor dreamt that if he went to a fort that was near him at a certain place called Rathoran in the Parish of Duagh Co Kerry.he would get a dozen of eggs. He went as he was directed in his dream and found the eggs.
Three nights in succession after that, he dreamt that he would a crock of (gold), in a certain place in the same fort under a flag, on condition his brother Jack would go with him after twelve o'clock midnight. His brother was nervous and would not go. He was in great glee , he thought would the find the gold as he had found the eggs, but I am sorry to say he was disappointed. He told his dream to a neighbour who had great courage whose name was Risteairdin Maloney. When he had related his story to him he exclaimed, "(p)Puth m'anaman Diabhal I'll go with you" He was delighted to have a brave companion with him.
They started off and reached the appointed spot in the fort at twelve o'clock. They set to work digging rapidly until they came to a flag. Before lifting the lift, flag they sat down to take a rest. While they were taking their rest a white hare sat on the flag. Risteairdin got

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William O' Connor
Ráth Odhráin, Co. Chiarraí