Scoil: Cill Cholmáin, Shanagolden (uimhir rolla 4014)

Cill Cholmáin, Co. Luimnigh
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Co. Limerick Beliefs and Superstitions

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Co Limerick Beliefs and Superstitions

A stranger should leave a house by the same door he came in; otherwise it is not considered lucky for the people of the house.
If a hen comes into the house with a straw in her tail, it is a sign a stranger will come. Also if the cock crows in on the door it is a sign a stranger is coming.
If a person is going on a journey or undertaking something important and if the cock crows at him it is a sure sign of defeat or disappointment.
A corpse should never be left alone in a room. Green is supposed to be a very unlucky colour. A woman should never leave her baby alone in the house and if she is going out she should leave the tongs across the cradle in case the fairies might try to steal the baby while she is out. A person should never cut a lone bush or tree out of a fort. It is very unlucky and it is supposed that the fairies send calamities to the person who interferes with them such as all ones hair

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