Scoil: Glin (C.) (uimhir rolla 3232)

An Gleann, Co. Luimnigh
Bean Mhic Cárthaigh

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Taifeach: Íseal | Ard
A Local Drowning

Tagairt Chartlainne

Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0480, Leathanach 385

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Glin Co Limerick
A Local Drowning

About 20 years ago a boat left Tarbert Island on the 15th of August. A crowd of young people with happy faces lined the deck. Kilrush was their destination and they looked forward with the joyfulness of youth to a happy day's outing.
The day passed merrily. Evening came. Picnic utensils were gathered and stowed away. These had gone on a steamer. The Shannon was calm and all was going well till half the journey had been accomplished.
The boat sprang a leak and vain efforts were made to stem the inward flow. The crowd got frantic. The boat overturned and all were lost. The shrieks and cries could be heard in Tarbert and in Glin but help was too far off for a swiftly outgoing tide.
Only parts, such as a leg with a shoe, and hand with a ring, of these poor bodies were recognized.
Alice Healy. Glin

Alice Healy
An Gleann, Co. Luimnigh