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Food in Olden Times

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Food In Olden Times.

In olden times people only ate one meal in the day. Two was the greatest number of times.

The first meal was eaten when the man had two or three hours work done. It consisted of potatoes and eggs and milk. Buttermilk was much used.

If tea was given it was only rarely so, and generally drank by woman. A man may or may not take a half cup after the potatoes. Tea was never given to children. They did not know the taste of it.

Potatoes, dry and floury, were thrown on a homespun tablecloth, and the members of the family sat round the table and ate potatoes and drank milk, 'till their hunger was satisfied.

Oaten bread, and "mixed" bread was eaten. Oaten bread was made with oatmeal mixed with water and rolled out very thinly. It was then baked. Mixed bread (still in use) was half of Indian meal or "Yellow male" and flour

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