School: Cluain Uamha (C.) (roll number 12828)

Cluain, Co. Chorcaí
E. Geeleher
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0394, Page 227

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0394, Page 227

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  1. It is said that if swallows fly low it is a sign of wet weather, and if they fly high it is a sign of fine weather. When the green-plover returns from the mountains it is said that it is a sign of frosty weather. If you see a blue flame in the fire stormy weather may be expected. A rainbow in the morning is a sign of rain. When the sun is pale it is a sign of rain also. When distant hills appear to be nearer it is a sign of rain.When the smoke of a chimney goes up straight it is a sign of a clear atmosphere. If the noise of the sea is heard at a great distance it is the sign of a storm. In the summer white clouds like little castles in the blue sky are a sign of thundery weather. There is always a great calm before a storm of wind or thunder. Little[?] seen at the side of a fire are a sign of rain.
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    1. seánra
      1. seanchas aimsire (~6,442)
    Marie O' Brien
    Miss F. O' Brien
    Cluain, Co. Chorcaí