School: Cluain Uamha (C.) (roll number 12828)

Cluain, Co. Chorcaí
E. Geeleher
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0394, Page 224

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0394, Page 224

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  1. Every morning when some people especially old people rise, the first direction they look to, is the east. then if they see a reddening in the sky, they watch it for a while, and if it rises it will be a fine day, but if it lowers, it will rain before the end of the day.
    As regards the moon, it is said that if a large circle is seen round it, rain need not be expected, but if a small circle surrounds it, rain is predicted before morning. Sometimes a star is seen west of the moon and if it strikes the moon rain will follow but if the moon passes over it, we shall have fine weather. When birds fly from east to west and if they alight half way rain is near, but if they
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    A. Doolin
    James Doolin
    Baile Uí Mhaolmhuaidh Mór, Co. Chorcaí