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The Games I Play

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Ar an leathanach seo

There are many games that a boy or girl can play. The games I like best are Tig, Hide-and-go-seek, skipping, Colours and playing ball.
Tig and hide-and-go-seek are very nice games. We usually play these games in winter, when it is cold, because they warm us. Seven or eight girls can play these games . First the players must stand by a wall to find out which player will hunt. Then we all run away and she hunts us, and whoever she catches first must hunt in her stead.
Skipping is also a very nice game, especially on the frosty days when the roads are fine and dry. A rope is required for this game, and a girl stands at each end of the rope and turns it, while the other girls skip. Then two other girls turn the rope and so on, each girl in turn.
Of all the games I like "Colours" is my favourite. It can be played by either boys or girls, but it is played more by girls than boys. They all stand in by the wall and three girls are called., one to give the colours, one to be "heaven" and one to be "Hell".
The girl who gives the colours

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