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Marriage Customs

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preparations were made for the wedding-party which was nearly always held in the bride's house. The number of guests to be invited was settled generally on equal number of both sides.
On the wedding-day the bride and bridegroom came with their friends from her and his home and met in the church at the appointed time. After the marriage of the two parties united and the procession of traps and sidecars and "saddle-horses" led by the carriage containing the bridgegroom and bride, "bestman" and bridesmaid, proceeded as fast as possible, by a round-about way, to the house in which the wedding-feast was to be held.
Usually there was a competition between the members of the wedding-procession as to which of them would be next to the carriage of the married couple on the way, so that an interesting race was often provided. Many of the processionists were provided with concertinas or melodeons so that the procession was a very enjoyable one.
After a hearty meal, singing, dancing and merry-making were carried on until the early hours of the morning and often until "broad-daylight" next day. During the

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