Scoil: An Gleantán, Lombardstown

An Gleanntán, Co. Chorcaí
Tomás Ó Colmáin

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A Legend Connected with Good Friday

Tagairt Chartlainne

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An old lady named Mrs McAuliffe, who lived in Shanavoher, Glantane, Mallow, Co. Cork, and died about 40 years ago, aged about 72 years, told me the following story when I was a child:-
"I had a neighbour of mine ploughing ridges for the garden a good many years ago. It happened to be Good Friday, and when he came to the dinner I said I was sorry I could not have a better dinner for him, that it was a pity he could not have something better than potatoes, herrings and water.
He said he was working hard, and ordered me to put down two goose-eggs for him.
Though I did not like to do it, I obeyed him.
When the eggs were boiled he broke one, but put it away as there was nothing in it but blood. He opened the second one but found that it was just like the other."
(The old lady had only a few acres of land and had to pay in cash or work for the ploughing of the garden).

T. Coleman