Scoil: An Gleantán, Lombardstown

An Gleanntán, Co. Chorcaí
Tomás Ó Colmáin

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Saint Brigid's Night Customs

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1. It was a common custom in this locality long ago to make a cross of rushes and hang it over the door on St. Brigid's night. The reason given for this custom at that time by the old people was the following story:-
"On one occasion St. Brigid with one or two of her companions, went for a walk and called into a little house by the wayside. The woman of the house offered them a drink in which there was poison. The saint knew this and made the Sign of the Cross over the vessel with a few rushes which she had in her hand and immediately the vessel fell to the ground and was broken."
2. On this night also it was the custom to hang out a piece of clean white cloth which St. Brigid was supposed to bless. This was brought in early next morning and kept carefully during the year as it was believed to have a cure for headaches.
3. Many poor people used to make up an effigy of St. Brigid and place it outside the door in the hope that St. Brigid would

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An Gleanntán, Co. Chorcaí