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An Gleanntán, Co. Chorcaí
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Buying and Selling

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Shops were less numerous in the country districts of Ireland in olden times than they are now and people had to go to the nearest town about once a week to make purchases.
Many housekeepers who lived a long distance from a village or town did their shopping after Mass on Sundays and holidays. This is still practised only in the villages because the shops in the towns and cities are not opened on Sundays.
It was a common practice of some men to buy the apples from the owner of an orchard and then take baskets of them around on Sundays and holidays to meet the people outside the church gates and sell their apples to them.
In remote districts there were hucksters' shops in which bread, tobacco, tea and sugar and such common necessaries were sold in small quantities, and eggs, and sometimes butter, were taken in exchange. Pedlars also went around from house to house some with baskets or bundles of drapery on their backs, others with baskets of

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