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An Gleanntán, Co. Chorcaí
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Old Houses - Furniture and Fuel

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Besides the settle which was kept in the kitchen, those who could afford to have a parlour or sitting room often had a "press-bed" in it, which while made on much the same principle as the settle, looked, when folded up, like a wardrobe of the present day.
But the kind of bedstead which was most common was the "tester bed" the frame and canopy of which were of timber. Instead of a mattress resting on a spring as nowadays there was a feather or chaff-filled tick supported by a layer of straw, and it was the custom of the farmers after threshing to offer their poorer neighbours a supply of fresh straw and chaff for the beds.
The usual kitchen furniture in a labourer's or small farmer's house consisted of a deal table, a few sugan-bottomed chairs and a dresser for the ware. Those who lived within a reasonable distance of a peat bog always tried to have a rick of turf for fuel, and this was often suppli-

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