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The following are extracts from paper cuttings when Horgan was at this best:

The following are extracts from paper cuttings when Horgan was at his best: From "Sport" -1895- "The English Championships"
"Promptly at 2.30 p.m. the Handicapper gave the signal for the opening of hostilities, 'putting' the 16 lb. shot.
"Several broad-shouldered athletes stood near the space devoted to the weight contests. But notably Denis Horgan, of Banteer, Ireland's herculanean defender, and J.D. M'Intosh, a magnificently proportioned Scotchman. This was an easy win for Horgan, his 44 ft. 9 in. to Scotchman's 42 ft. 7 in. leaving no doubt on the point."
From "Sport" 1901: "Horgan holds the world's record for the shot at 48 feet 2 in. made at Queenstown October 9th 1897. He holds the Scotch record at 44 feet 7 in.; the English at 46 feet 5 1/2 in. and for championship performances his of 1899 at the E.A.A.A. Championship meeting at 46 feet 0 1/2 in. is the best. It will be seen fro the table below that for seven years, from '93 to '99 inclusive, he won the English Championship event without a break. He was the winner of still more championships here in Ireland, but we give the

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