Scoil: Maoilinn (B.), Áth Treasna

An Mhaoilinn, Co. Chorcaí
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Maoilinn (B.), Áth Treasna | Bailiúchán na Scol

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Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0350, Leathanach 019

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Maoilinn. The Cluain.
Note. People in this locality are always most particular not to miss Mass on Christmas Day. The old church being so small was not able to accommodate the people atal with the result that Mass was always said on Christmas Day out of doors in the Chapel Field. It was always remarked that despite the exposed position & severe weather the Altar Candles never quenched during the Holy Sacrifice. Jeremiah O’Keeffe, Meelin told me he used always hear the old people relate this fact.

Páirc an-mhór _ seacht n-acra Gaedhealach.
Tá sé suaidhte cúpla céad slat taobh thiar de na scoileanna i Maoilinn.
The Chapel Field is another name given to the Cluain because it was near it the old Church in Meelin was situated. This Church was rather small and it was covered with thatch. At times it was inadequate to accommodiate the people and Mass was often said in the open air in the Cluain or Chapel Field. It is locally recorded that the candles always remained lighting when Mass was said in the open no matter how windy the day would be.
The site of the old Church is now occupied by a dwelling house the owner being Jeremiah Collins.
The present Catholic Church was built in 1837 A.D. The Cluain was until recent years used as a meadow followed as a pasture for cattle and from this it got its name.

An Mhaoilinn

Cúl na Mac
This field is situated near the village of Meelin and is owned by Denis McAuliffe who also owns the Cluain. This field runs from near his dwelling house to the stream which runs just below the village.