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with tables to entertain a hundred guests, the seats were full, the walls hung with evergreens and flowers and, of course, Cead "Mile Failthe" stretched from one end of the feasting hall to the other. Well, it is a pleasant memory, that which lies linked with the genial, generous priest of Blarney, kindly "Fr. Mat".
With all his clerical duties he still found time to engage in literary activities and under the pen-name of Viator contributed to the local Press on Irish history and archaeology. Apart from his newspaper contributions, his only publication in book form was on a tragic incident of the Tithe War in 1834, when Parson Ryder called out the military forces to enable him to collect tithes due and thereby caused the death of twelve persons and many were seriously wounded.
The title page in Fr. Horgan's book read "Gortroe, or Lamentation of the Widows for their Sons who were slaughtered on the 18th December 1834. In Imitation of the Ancient Irish Caoine or Dirge. Together with the Examination of the Principal Witnesses on the Inquest, the Charge of the Coroner and Verdict of the Jury". The little book is illustrated with three engravings and was published in Cork by J. Higgins 1835.
At a discourse in 1839, Fr. "Mat" speaking on

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Denis Foley
Baile na Rátha, Co. Chorcaí