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An Bhlarna, Co. Chorcaí
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It was of him, by one who lived at the time, "One more racy of the soil and more singularly lovable seldom existed. A warm and sincere patriot and enlightened friend of civil and religious liberty, he was of benefit to his country and promoted the welfare of his people in every movement calculated to better whose codition he was foremost. He proceeded his flock in every procession, and lectured in their places of assembly and participated in all their simple pleasures and amusements.
Fr Horgan's hospitality was without bounds. His friends of every sect and party were ever welcomed to his door. It was said of him that he never stored money the little he had was used freely to relieve the wants of his needy friends and the poor of the parish; to buy books of which he was passionately fond, and to embellish to places of worship in his parish.
At that time strolling musicians and about the last of bards frequented the villages of Muskerry, and the were also sure of a hearty welcome at Fr Matt's. With these strolling storehouses of the traditional music of Ireland, he often discussed his favourite projects of a Bardic and Pipers' Congress after the style of the gatherings held at Bruree and Raheen in

(leanann ar an chéad leathanach eile)
Denis Foley
Baile na Rátha, Co. Chorcaí