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Ráth Dhubháin, Co. Chorcaí
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Local Marriage Customs

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There are certain days and months thought unlucky to get married. As a rule few marriages take place in this parish in May or in August. Regarding the latter month, there is an old saying - "the sheaf that is bound in August is opened again in the spring".
Mondays and Fridays ar said to be unlucky days for marriages. The time of the year people usually get married in is Shrove. During late years many marriages take place during the year and fewer in the Shrove time in this district.
There is not so much matchmaking s formerly and marriages are less frequent.
The number attending weddings is not so large as formerly. Only the relatives are now invited and there is only a private party.
There are scarcely any night weddings now and the festivities are during the day.
The custom of eating the "Gander" is usual in Country places. That is - when the marriage arrangements have taken place a number of friends and relations are invited to the girl's house, some days before the marriage and there is feasting and dance carried on far into the night It resembles the weddings held formerly in

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