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Food in Olden Times

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Food in Olden Times
Three meals were eaten, breakfast at 8 o'clock am, dinner at 1 o'clock and supper, the last meal of the day at 7 o'clock.
Work commenced at 6 o'clock a.m. Meals for the poorer classes consisted of potatoes and sour milk or "stir-about", a porridge made from yellow meal and milk or water and eaten with milk.
The table was often attached to a long wooden seat with a back to it, usually placed with its back to the wall near the fire. This seat was called a "settle" and on it the working man slept at night. When not in use the table was hung up against the wall. Sometimes a door was taken off its hinges to act as a table.
Bread was made from home grown (flour) wheat ground by means of a quern. This flour was mixed with mil and baked in a large pot called a bistable.
Meat was not often eaten by

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Mrs Landon
Cúil Cheiliúir, Co. Chorcaí