School: Ceann Caorach, Cill Crócháin (roll number 15952)

An Chathair, Co. Chorcaí
Caitlín Ní Riain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0286, Page 034

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0286, Page 034

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  1. Everyone loves his own native district: I imagine, that Rhea, the land of my birth, is the nicest place on earth.
    It is situated in a beautiful spot quite close to Bantry Bay.
    In olden times there were eight families living in this small townland, the O'Donovans being the reigning race. Seemingly many of them did not emigrate.
    This is how Rhea derived its name,-
    when the sun is declining its rays are always to be seen shining on its fertile plains.
    In this locality most of the thatched houses are banished, and new houses are numerous to be seen, all of which are two-storey buildings.
    The district being so healthy lots of old people still live there and can relate many interesting stories.
    This being an instance of one.
    Years ago this country was frequently visited by vagrants. One of those men known as "Jer Lynch the beggarman" was welcome by all who knew him for his good humour
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    1. áit-spás-timpeallacht
      1. seanchas áitiúil, dinnseanchas (~10,595)
    An Ré, Co. Chorcaí
    Lilian O' Donovan
    An Ré, Co. Chorcaí