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Tom Evans was a funny character.

Tom Evans was a funny character. He lived near Bantry. He was a tall foxy man wearing a beard and a hat. People used to go to wakes if they thought Tom would be there, to hear some of his remarks.
One night Tom went sgriocting to a house, and an old woman named Norry MacGrath came in. She wanted to have a joke at Tom.
"Tom" she said, "Are you getting the pension yet?"
"I am not," said Tom
"Are you getting it yourself?"
"O 'tis far away I am from it yet, you think because I have grey hair that I am of age for it." "I was black when I was young, and people who are black when they are young get grey young." "You will never get grey even if you live to be a hundred."
"But look at the stoop you have, any one would know that you are old."
"Tut woman!" exclaimed Tom, "That is the stoop of good breeding." "You will never have a one like that, even though you live to be a hundred."

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