School: Lios Béalad, Dún Mánmhaí (roll number 11715)

Lios Béalaid, Co. Chorcaí
Conchobhar Ó Héigcearrtaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0303, Page 305

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0303, Page 305

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    and more on the eaves of old ruined houses. All build their nests with sticks, hair, and moss. Sometimes boys do not be lucky if they rob birds nests. If they go climbing up trees to get at the birds they fall down and get hurt. Weather can be judged by the behaviour of certain birds such as the swallow and the seagul. When the weather is supposed to break the swallows are always flying low but when the weather is going to be fine they fly up in the sky. The behaviour of the seagul is a sure sign of broken weather. When they fly towards the sea it and cry loud it is the sign of broken weather. It is the robins nature to have a red brest. All people call this bird robin red breast because she has red feathers on her breast. The cuckoo also has some small birds with her for company. The cuckoo comes from other coutrys and she brings these small birds with her. It is not known what the birds say to one another when calling.
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  2. In olden times people had many remedies for curing illness. For to cure a cut they used to chew rib leaf and then mix it with sweet cream and apply it to the cut. For to cure a swollen knee a leaf of green cabbage heated. To cure thrush a gander's bill was put into the sick persons mouth. Cold tea was used to cure sore eyes. To cure a burn an askaluacra[?] was rubbed to the persons tongue. To cure a toothache a frog was put into the persons mouth. To cure a hurt or bruise
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