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Ar an leathanach seo

There was once a poor little girl whose name was Cinderella. She had three step-sisters and each of them hated her, because she always sat with her toes in the ashes and they called her cinder-girl. Whenever they had any hard work to do she always had to do it for them and they never let her go anywhere. One night there was a party to which the three sisters were invited. They told Cinderella to mind the house and to do the work.
They were gone only a short while when a knock came to the door and a fairy God-mother came in. She hit the girl with her wand and at once she was clothed in beautiful clothes and a pair of glass-slippers on her feet. The fairy drove her to the party and told her to leave before twelve o'clock. Cinderella danced all night at the party and her sisters did not know her. The clock was striking twelve and when running from the party she lost one

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Patrick Finnegan
Gairm bheatha
Bushfield, Co. Ros Comáin