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Halberd Found in Carrowduff Bog

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Halberd found in Carrowduff Bog
In the year 1923 as James O'Gara was preparing and cleaning a bank of Turf he found a rather curious shaped Axe a few feet down in the bog. He simply got his shovel under it and pitched it a few yards away or to the heather bank. About a fortnight after ward as he was spreading his turf he came across it again, and he noticed its golden colour. In the meantime it had rained a good deal and the turf mould had been cleaned away. He simply put the curious spear or Axe in his Lunch basket: The wooden handle attached to it fell into pieces. His sister finding such a unusual thing in the Lunch basket pitched it out under a hedge beside the house.
Some years after ward as one of the Franciscan Brothers of the monastery Farragh was walking by this home he stopped to talk to Jas O'Gare.
He moved into the yard whose now neighbours were putting in hay. He was there only a short time when his eyes caught this object under the Hedge. He examined it, and at once asked how it got there. He examined it, and at once asked how it got there. He got the above particulars from Jas O'Gare. Then he got permission to take it away. It remained in a case in the Monastery School Highgate until August 1934
In August of that year the Br. Superior

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James O' Gara
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