Scoil: Kilmore (uimhir rolla 16637)

Cill Mhór, Co. Ros Comáin
Máiréad, Bean Mhic Giolla Críost

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Taifeach: Íseal | Ard
Old Cures - Mumps

Tagairt Chartlainne

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This was a disease which was very common amongst children. There was a cure for it and people would never dream of getting a doctor. It was usually when not taken in time. It was usually detected by a swelling on both sides of the neck and under the ears particularly
The breath was sometimes almost stopped and children were oftentimes nearly chocked. The people rubbed and poulticed the affected parts but nothing seemed to be of any use until the cure was tried.
The cure consisted in putting a donkeys winkers on the head of the sufferer leading him three times around the pig sty saying at the same time some prayers. If there was no sty near a child had to be brought a long distance to where there was a detached sty . In many places in those days the pig sty was usually built at the end of dwelling house, and on that account the cure could not be tried there