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A Fort Story

Tagairt Chartlainne

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A Fort Story.
This is a real true story and it happened about forty years ago in the townland of Clonfadbeg which is about three miles from the school.
There was a certain man and he was living beside a fort. He got married and had ten children. He took suddenly ill one fine long summer's day. The doctor was brought. He said he had a "Colic" and that there was no hope for him. Next day he died and left a very young widow to mind the big family. The eldest boy was then only fourteen. years. After a few months he used to go out rambling. Sometimes perhaps he used to stay out late.
This night the mother and the other children went to bed, but the rambler had not come in. It was the custom and is yet to rake or cover the fire with ashes every night. Some time during the night the mother was called by her christian name Catherine. She listened and she was called again and again.
She thought there was someone at the window. She jumped out of bed and ran down to the kitchen to light a candle at the fire.
She got a great fright. Who did she get at the fire but her eldest boy and he lying asleep right beside the fire. She believed it was her husband who called her, so that she might save the boy from being burnt.
Teacher heard the story from her own mother.

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