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Old Marriage Customs

Tagairt Chartlainne

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Old Marriage Customs.
The marriage in olden times was somewhat different to what it is at the present.The wedding and merry-making always started the night before the marriage. On this night all young people were invited. They were married in the priest's house. To this they walked in procession of twos the following day. When the marriage was over they returned home in the same way. If they passed a Public house the bride-groom had to bring all in and stand them a drink.
When they came home there was always a fine dinner. This consisted of potatoes cabbage bacon and chickens with plenty of whiskey. There was no tea or porter. Then the young people danced plenty to the music of several fiddlers. When they had danced plenty they went home and the old people gathered. They were treated to a good dinner and plenty of whiskey. Then they went home and all the friends gathered.
During the night the Ban-beggers arrived. They were always dressed in straw. They danced plenty, one of a crowd always taking out the bride and dancing with her. If they were well-treated they went away peacefully. On the other hand if they were badly treated they did some

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Joseph Rhatigan
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